How to Decide What to Put in Your Self-Storage Unit


Whether you are downsizing to a smaller home or you simply want to clear out some of the clutter in your home, it's easy to go a bit overboard with what you put in your new self-storage unit. Use this guide to help you determine what should go into storage and what should stay in your home.   How Often Do You Use the Items? As you begin to organize items to put them into storage, ask yourself how often you use the items.

11 January 2017

How To Effectively Organize Your Rented Storage Units


Whether you want to de-clutter your home or you need to find a place for all of your belongings while you are in transition from one home to the next, you need to make sure that you are organizing the self storage unit in the most effective manner. If you do not do this, you may find that you are not able to store as much in it, that you can hardly ever find what you need, and that some of your things could become broken because of improper stacking and organization.

11 January 2017

Schedule Your Moving Service in This Manner When Booking Late


When you have an upcoming move, you might initially think of doing the work yourself — that is, until you take an honest look at the amount of your possessions and feel daunted by the job. In this scenario, hiring a professional moving service is a better option. But, if you were previously thinking about moving yourself, you may find that most moving services you contact don't have any available crews on your chosen moving day.

10 January 2017

A Few Tips For Using A Storage Unit


Self-storage facilities can be extremely convenient ways of freeing space in your home while keeping your possessions safe. Unfortunately, making oversights when putting items into the unit can leave them exposed to a number of potential hazards. You will be able to minimize these risks by using these storage tips. Put Padding On The Floor It can be common for individuals to simply place their possessions on the floor of the storage unit.

20 July 2016

Creative Ways to Store Your Garden Tools in Small Spaces


You've found your perfect tiny home, and it has the perfect tiny yard. You have dreams of intensive gardening and vertical walls of lettuce, but you have one problem. All that work takes tools, and you have nowhere to store your rakes, shovels, hoes, and pruners—unless you get creative.   Make a Tool Bouquet Buy a shiny metal garbage can and dress it up with lovely magnetic flowers. If you can't find magnets you like, buy a sheet of magnet material from the craft store, gather some pictures from your favorite magazines, glue the pictures on the magnets, and cut the magnets out.

24 June 2016

Moving To A New Office? Here's How To Make The Process More Convenient


While setting up shop in a new office will likely provide you and your staff with more space and comfort, the process of moving isn't always convenient when it comes to managing employees and client accounts. Between packing everything up while maintaining optimal productivity levels and ensuring the safety of your employees when the movers come in to do their jobs, the process of moving can put stress on your business.

29 May 2016

4 Common Mistakes To Avoid On A Long-Distance Move


If you and your family are planning to move to the other side of the country or just a few states over, you will need to do a little more preparation than if you were moving 10 miles away. It is important that you take everything into consideration, from the size and floor plan of the new living room, to what really needs to be brought with you. Here are some common mistakes to avoid before your long-distance move begins.

8 February 2016

4 Ways To Stay Organized When Renting A Storage Unit


If you plan to rent a storage unit, you may be relieved that you'll have somewhere to store your belongings when you don't need them. However, rummaging through a storage unit when you want something can be frustrating. Here are some tips you can use to help your storage unit remain organized. Color Code Your Boxes Your boxes are may get mixed together when you move them from your home to the storage unit.

1 September 2015

4 Tips For Dealing With Moving Stress


Among the different stressful events you will endure in your life, moving is often at the top of the list. Whether you are moving to the next town over or across the country, moving can be a very stressful experience. It takes a big hit on your budget, your family might be leaving friends and their school behind, and it takes a lot of planning. Here are some tips for dealing with moving stress.

10 August 2015

Four Tips For Moving On A Hot Day


Moving is a pretty physical task. Add some heat into the mix, and you have a pretty sweaty day ahead of you! In order to make sure you and your things stay safe on moving, day, follow these tips for moving in the heat. Tip #1: Start early, and take breaks. Even if your moving helpers cannot get there until later in the morning, get up early and get started yourself.

29 July 2015