Creative Ways to Store Your Garden Tools in Small Spaces


You've found your perfect tiny home, and it has the perfect tiny yard. You have dreams of intensive gardening and vertical walls of lettuce, but you have one problem. All that work takes tools, and you have nowhere to store your rakes, shovels, hoes, and pruners—unless you get creative.  

Make a Tool Bouquet

Buy a shiny metal garbage can and dress it up with lovely magnetic flowers. If you can't find magnets you like, buy a sheet of magnet material from the craft store, gather some pictures from your favorite magazines, glue the pictures on the magnets, and cut the magnets out. Voila! Custom pretties for your trash can. Once you have dressed up your trash can, remove the lid and place your long tools inside, business side up, as if you are arranging flowers. This is a perfect accent piece for the corner of your living room, bedroom, or some other area where they won't be exposed to the weather. One advantage of this arrangement is that it forces you to keep your tools clean, since you don't want muddy tools in your house for all your friends to see. Plus, the magnets can be removed easily if you ever have to use the trash can for its intended purpose.

Turn Your Tools into Art

If you have country decor, garden tools make amazing art pieces. For example, hang long tools above your curtains or hang a lovely large poster of sunflowers on your wall and then hang the tools around it like a makeshift frame. For hand tools, hang some five-by-seven-inch framed garden photos on your wall and then hang your tools between and around them when they are not needed. Alternatively, you can just place your hand tools casually on furniture or bookshelves as display objects. A cute idea is to use an old 16- or 20-inch bicycle wheel to hang garden tools from the ceiling like a giant wind chime.

Hide Them Away in Unusual Places

If you don't like the idea of having your garden tools out in the open, you can find spots to hide them, even in the smallest spaces. If the space under your furniture is all taken, there are alternatives. Put handy plastic removable hooks on the inside of your closet doors and hang them there. Use a metal magazine holder mounted inside your kitchen cabinet doors to stash hand tools. An over-the-door hanger rack on the back of your bedroom door can hold all your long tools and a bag full of hand tools, and the tools can be covered handily with a pretty curtain hung on a cafe rod. The space between your refrigerator and cabinets can be utilized with a custom-built rollout pegboard wall to hold all your tools, and toe-kick drawers under your kitchen cabinets are another possible solution for smaller tools.

Of course, if you have enough space, a simple solution is to buy a lovely, sturdy outdoor garden cabinet or benches for stashing your tools. Whatever your space limitations, there are creative and fun ways to store all those garden essentials. Call your local carpenter, contractor, or interior designer to find out what creative solutions they may be able to provide, or call a company that provides storage, such as Palmisano Ralph Movers, if you don't use your tools very often. 


24 June 2016

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