Schedule Your Moving Service in This Manner When Booking Late


When you have an upcoming move, you might initially think of doing the work yourself — that is, until you take an honest look at the amount of your possessions and feel daunted by the job. In this scenario, hiring a professional moving service is a better option. But, if you were previously thinking about moving yourself, you may find that most moving services you contact don't have any available crews on your chosen moving day. Don't be discouraged. By taking the following approach to booking a moving service, you may be able to find a crew that can help you on your big day.

Move During the Week

You'll commonly find that moving services get booked well in advance for weekend moves. This may leave you short on help if you plan to move on an upcoming Saturday or Sunday. Consider moving during the workweek instead. Moving during the week isn't nearly as common, which means that you may be able to book a moving service to help you on a day between Monday and Friday, even if you don't provide the service with much notice.

Stay Away from the First

Renters and homeowners alike often move on the first of the month. Rental leases commonly expire on the last day of the month, while people who sell their home will often select the last day of the month as a closing date. This means that moving services are commonly booked up for the first of the month, which may especially be problematic if you're calling to book a crew at the last minute. Whether you're renting or buying/selling a home, you can often move out on a different date. For example, if your landlord wants you out on the last day of the month, plan to move out three days earlier — doing so may be the difference in booking a moving crew.

Get Help During a Small Window of Time

People often book moving services for full days or half days. However, if you're struggling to get a crew for one of these blocks of time, consider getting help for a shorter duration. Each moving service has a different minimal booking window, which means that you may be able to find a service that can provide a crew for two hours, for example. The moving service's scheduler could then have the crew help you for this short amount of time before heading to another job for the remainder of the day.

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10 January 2017

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