A Few Tips For Using A Storage Unit


Self-storage facilities can be extremely convenient ways of freeing space in your home while keeping your possessions safe. Unfortunately, making oversights when putting items into the unit can leave them exposed to a number of potential hazards. You will be able to minimize these risks by using these storage tips.

Put Padding On The Floor

It can be common for individuals to simply place their possessions on the floor of the storage unit. While this may seem harmless, it can actually expose these items to a greater risk of moisture damage. This occurs because humidity can form condensation on the cool flooring of storage units, which can be absorbed by your possessions. Placing padding on the floor will absorb this moisture before it is able to damage your possessions.

Be Descriptive When Labeling

Finding items that are in your storage unit can be a difficult task if you did not take the time to properly organize and label your possessions. For this reason, you will need to ensure that you take a few minutes to be descriptive about the contents of each box. In particular, this should include a brief list of the items in the box. By take the time to write this on the exterior of the box, you will be able to quickly glance at your boxes to determine what they contain. This will likely increase the time you need to pack, but it can make future trips to the storage unit more efficient.

Invest In An Insurance Policy From The Storage Provider

It is unfortunate fact that unavoidable problems can strike your storage unit. For example, a powerful storm can cause extensive damage to these units, criminals can break into these units to rob them and fire can move through the storage facility. Luckily, it is possible for you to purchase an insurance policy from the storage provider that will protect you in the event that these problems strike. When choosing a policy, make sure that you opt for one that will approximately cover the full value of your stored possessions. Otherwise, you may find that you are unable to replace these items in the event the entire contents of the unit are lost to disaster.

Placing your items in a storage unit can be a more complicated task that many people may expect. Luckily, it is possible to avoid some of the more common hazards and risks that accompany long-term storage by making sure to keep padding on the floor, descriptively labeling any boxes and investing in an insurance policy. While these steps may increase the costs and labor involved with using a rental storage unit, this inconvenience can be more than worth it to avoid having your possessions unprotected against these threats. Contact a facility, like Carolina Self Storage, for more help.


20 July 2016

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