Moving To A New Office? Here's How To Make The Process More Convenient


While setting up shop in a new office will likely provide you and your staff with more space and comfort, the process of moving isn't always convenient when it comes to managing employees and client accounts. Between packing everything up while maintaining optimal productivity levels and ensuring the safety of your employees when the movers come in to do their jobs, the process of moving can put stress on your business. Following are a couple of things you can do to make your move to a new office more convenient for everyone involved:

Color Code Your Boxes

An excellent way to make sure that all of your office items are packed moved, and unpacked in an organized fashion is to color code all of your packing boxes. This process will keep similar items together during the move, so they're easier to find at the new office. Office supplies such as staples, tape, and pens can be packed in boxes coded with green tape or markers. Important client paperwork can be packed in boxes marked with red tape or markers. And accessories like mouse pads and paper cutters can be packed in boxes that are coded with blue marks.

Provide a printed chart to each employee upon the move that lists each color you used to code the boxes and the corresponding items that can be found in boxes with those colors on them. Employees can then easily find supplies, accessories, contracts, and other important tools to do their jobs while the new office is still being unpacked.

Move Employees in Stages

To minimize downtime among employees, it's a good idea to move them to your new office in stages. Split your group of employees in half and move the first half over one week while the other half stays behind to keep working. The first group of employees that moves to the new office can get settled and should be ready to perform at optimal levels by the following week when the second group of employees moves over. This should significantly cut down on lost work hours and will give your employees an opportunity to ease into their new environment without missing important deadlines or falling behind on daily tasks.

With the help of these techniques and methods, you should be able to provide your employees and clients with the support they need to keep production levels high throughout your move. To learn more, contact a commercial moving service. 


29 May 2016

Learning About Packing, Loading and Unloading For A Move

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