4 Ways To Stay Organized When Renting A Storage Unit


If you plan to rent a storage unit, you may be relieved that you'll have somewhere to store your belongings when you don't need them. However, rummaging through a storage unit when you want something can be frustrating. Here are some tips you can use to help your storage unit remain organized.

Color Code Your Boxes

Your boxes are may get mixed together when you move them from your home to the storage unit. When putting your boxes into the unit, having them color coded can help you save time. For instance, if you put blue colored tape on all the boxes from the kitchen, you can put all them all in one spot inside the unit to maintain order. Whenever you return, you won't have to look all over the unit for your coffeemaker, as the colored tape will help; a quick look at the color will let you know whether you are in the right area of the unit or not.

Make a Walkway

When you return later to retrieve something from your storage unit, it may be a challenge to get to it if all the boxes have just been stacked next to each other. To make things easier for yourself, leave a walkway that snakes throughout the unit. That way, when you need an item, you can get to the right box without having to move other boxes or trip over them.

Draw a Map

While you have the information fresh in your mind, sketch out a map of where everything is located in the unit. You are unlikely to remember exactly where your towels are after a few months, and making a map will help you know where to look. Leave the map in the unit with your belongings near the door, so when you need something you can refer to the map and head to the right area.

Keep Important Things Near the Door

In addition to any map you create, it's a good idea to keep some things in the front of the unit. If you know you'll be back often to get files from your office, for instance, keep those near the door so you can reach them immediately.

Use the suggestions in this article to help you keep your belongings in order when you're renting a storage unit. Find out whether the rental company has more tips you can use to keep your things organized.

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1 September 2015

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