Babies, Bottles, and Boxes: Making Your Residential Move with Babies and Toddlers as Easy as Possible


Moving is stressful enough, but moving with babies and toddlers can be a nightmare. Between packing boxes and watching the kids, you can easily become overwhelmed. These tips will help you manage your upcoming residential move and avoid problems. 

Hire Residential Moving Professionals

The first step to having a successful, low-stress move with little kids is to hire residential movers. Full-service residential movers will pack your belongings in a way that is organized and safe while you watch over the kids and give them the kind of one-on-one attention they need. 

Clearly Label the Urgent Baby Boxes

Babies need a lot of supplies over the course of a single day. There may be several baby boxes that you don't want packed into the moving truck, but would instead like to take with you in the car. Label all boxes that need to stay out of the moving truck with brightly-colored stickers that all movers will be sure to notice.

Some of these items (strollers, large toys) may not even fit into boxes. Put all these items into a specific area of the house and rope them off to show that they're separate and special. When the movers arrive on moving day, have a short meeting before they get started to show them what won't be going with them in the moving truck.  

Divide and Conquer

If you work as a team with a spouse or partner, divide up your duties on moving day to ensure that all aspects of the move are adequately monitored. One of you will be coordinating with the residential movers, directing them to the right places and giving them advice as necessary, and the other one of you will be watching the kids. This way, one person will always have their eye full-time on your young one or little ones. 

Pick an Empty Room to be Your "Mover Free" Zone

Have the movers clear out one of the rooms in your house early on, emptying it of all boxes to be loaded into the truck. Establish this room as your "home base" where the babies and toddlers can have a place undisturbed by the noise and activity in the house. Toddlers will need a place to play and nap. Any babies that are still breastfeeding will need a quiet place to eat, and breast feeding moms will need a comfortable chair to sit in. This will be your safe space where the kids won't be in the way of the movers and can be closely monitored by an adult.

For more tips about moving with your little ones, speak with your residential movers, such as A-1 America's Best Moving, when they come to your house for your initial consultation. 


30 June 2015

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