Extend Garage Sale Season To Your Storage Unit


Summer is a perfect time for garage sales, but you can think beyond what you have in your actual home to gather a number of seldom-used possessions to turn into cash. If you keep some of your items in a storage unit, garage sale season is the ideal opportunity to wade through the space and see what items might be able to give you some money in your pocket. Want to hold a garage sale at your unit? Here's how to proceed.

Seek Permission

Storage units are located on private property, which means it's important to obtain permission before you begin advertising and inviting the public to visit the facility and browse through your possessions. Many self-storage businesses invite customers to hold sales, and some businesses even schedule large-scale sale days to allow several customers to open up their units to the public. If the business doesn't allow you to hold a sale, it might be because of a fear of blocking access to other customers' units. Ask if you can set up some tables in a wide-open area of the facility as a compromise.

Organize Your Items

Unlike what you might see on reality TV shows, the average customer isn't interested in walking into your storage unit and pilfering through your possessions in the hopes of finding something of value. Just as you don't open your home to customers during a garage sale, it's important to organize your items properly for your storage unit sale. Set up tables in front of your unit to display your items, or depending on the size of the available space within your unit, set up your goods on tables around the perimeter. You have the choice of affixing price stickers to everything or inviting customers to make you an offer. The approach you take depends on your enjoyment of bartering back and forth.

Be Realistic

Although it's fine to use a storage unit to hold your family heirlooms and miscellaneous trinkets with sentimental value, remember that many of these items will have little commercial value. Be realistic about what you think might appeal to customers, and display these items prominently. It's helpful to group everything you don't foresee selling into one corner of the unit and cover it with a blanket taped to the walls or ceiling. This approach ensures not only that customers won't get confused, but also keeps any valuable items away from the public eye. 

Once garage sales are over, you may want to move some of your unsold items into a new storage unit next year. Contact a storage company, like Koch St Mini Storage, to ask about renting space.


18 June 2015

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