How To Make Your Local Move Much Easier


Moving is hard work, even if you are going to be moving locally. You have a lot of things to take care of and you'll have a lot of arrangements to make before, during and after your move. Having a good schedule and planning ahead will really help you when it comes to moving in the smoothest, most hassle free manner possible.

Set up your services

Once you have your new address, you will want to call ahead and set up a turn on date for all your utilities. You should devote an entire day to this before the rush of packing and moving comes. Call all the local companies and make sure you are getting the best rates and services possible. You can save a lot of money on some of your services by bundling certain ones.

Keep your pets safe

Boarders can fill up fast, especially during certain times of the year, such as summertime. You should call at least a month before your moving date to reserve a spot at the boarders for your pets. Make sure your pets are caught up on their shots. You also need to have their shot records handy for the boarder.

If you own an outside cat, you should bring it in about a week before you move. Cats are very sensitive creatures known for noticing subtle changes and getting nervous. Keeping your cat indoors can prevent it from running away before you move.

Create a packing chart

It will be much easier for you to find your belongings when you get to your new place if you make a packing chart. Take a sheet of paper, number it and then number all the boxes you are going to be packing. Mark the contents in each box on the paper next to the matching number. When you get to your new place, you can find the item you need on the sheet and determine which box it is packed in within a manner of a few minutes.

Consider hiring a local moving company

You can cut out a lot of the stress and physical exhaustion that comes with moving by hiring a mover to take care of this part for you. Make sure you let the company like Walsh Moving & Storage know all the moving services you need well ahead of time. Call at least a week before your moving date to confirm the movers.

Try to leave yourself plenty of time to take care of things so you don't wind up rushed and under pressure at the last minute. By following the advice in this article, you will see you can make moving a much easier process all around.


19 April 2015

Learning About Packing, Loading and Unloading For A Move

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