Strategies For Pest Control In Your Storage Unit


Self-storage facility managers typically put forth substantial effort to keep bugs and rodents out of units. However, the actions of tenants can lead to problems. As you plan to put belongings in storage, follow some specific pest control strategies to keep these critters out of your unit and to avoid causing headaches for other renters as well.

Ask About the Facility's Pest Control

During your decision-making process about where you want to rent storage, ask a company representative about the facility's pest control strategies. You'll want to be sure the facility has services such as:

  • monthly inspections around the perimeter of the buildings to find any flaws that can be sealed
  • monthly spraying of insecticide around the building foundations
  • placement and regular checking of mousetraps 
  • daily litter pickup around the buildings

Keep in mind that even a storage facility in excellent condition needs employees to stay vigilant about property cleanliness and maintenance. Ants, silverfish and other bugs can crawl into the tiniest of cracks, and mice can get through surprisingly small flaws in buildings. 

Avoid Storing Certain Items

By keeping certain items out of your unit, you can avoid attracting insects and other critters. Storage units are not good places for food in containers that mice can chew through -- and those containers include plastic totes. It may be tempting to buy 50-lb bags of sunflower seeds for birds or 50-lb bags of pet food when they're on sale and store them in plastic totes in your storage unit. Unfortunately, that's asking for trouble.

Also don't store plants, even for a few days. They attract insects. 

Store Your Boxes on Pallets

Pallets are very cheap. Put several in your unit and store your cardboard boxes on top of them. That way, the boxes don't create a secluded, dark environment for silverfish and centipedes. 

Place Pest-Repellent Items in Your Unit

Cedar repels insects, which is why builders often construct clothing closets of cedar wood. A small open container or two of original-scent Pine Sol also may keep mice away, as they seem to hate the aroma.

Some people swear by moth balls for repelling bugs and mice, but moth balls have an unpleasant odor that can linger on your fabric and paper items. In addition, some storage facilities don't allow these products because of that aroma.

Concluding Thoughts 

You can help yourself and all the other tenants by using some smart strategies to help keep critters out. Use these methods and feel confident about the unit you've chosen to store your belongings. 

For more information, contact Epic Group Inc. or a similar company.


13 March 2015

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