The Excitement Of Storage Unit Auctions


If you enjoy the thrill of going to flea markets or yard sales in hope of finding treasures, antiques or items you can resell, consider taking a day to investigate the fun you can have at a storage unit auction. There are all kinds of goodies awaiting buyers and the mystery of what you will find after winning a unit may be well worth the money. Here are some tips to use when going to a storage unit auction at a facility like Access Self Storage for the first time.

Call In Advance

After you have found a storage unit service that is holding a day of auctions, make sure to call them the day before the scheduled date to make sure there will still be bidding. Sometimes a facility will cancel an auction if customers had paid for their units before the date arrives. Customers have right up until the auction begins to make their payment, so an auction can still be cancelled the day it was to occur.

Calling the day before can still help you save money and time on a wasted trip. It is best to find a facility that is auctioning several units the same day so you have a better chance of having a successful treasure hunt.

Prepare For The Bidding

When bidding in a storage unit auction, the auctioneer will open a unit for all prospective bidders to take a peek at before starting the bidding process. You may only have five to ten seconds to take a glance at what is inside the unit, sometimes making it difficult to determine what is inside. If you see a few big-ticket items, most likely other bidders will, as well. Auctions that have several closed boxes are exciting because the contents can be almost anything! Take your glance and decide if the amount inside the unit seems worth your while to make a bid.

When you go to a storage unit auction, have a set price for your bidding that you will not go above. If you are planning on bidding on more than one unit, or if you think a unit looks as if it does not have anything inside that you will want, then either refrain from bidding or bid very low. Save your bidding money on a unit that interests you when you glance inside. Do not get into a bidding war with someone just because of the thrill of winning over someone else. Stick to your budget and bail out if the bidding gets to high for comfort.

Collecting Your Winnings

When you win an auction, you will be expected to pay for it in cash. Some storage units will accept credit cards, but it is much easier to use cash transactions so you do not get carried away when bidding. After you have paid, the contents inside the unit will be yours to keep. It will be your responsibility to remove it from the unit that day so the facility will be able to rent out the unit to another customer.

If there are any items that you do not wish to keep, you will need to dispose of them properly in a trash bin, dumpster, recycling center or thrift shop. If you stick to your budget, you will not be as disappointed if you end up with a unit full of items you do not want to keep. You may be surprised at some of the things people leave behind, however, and you may just end up with a treasure that will make you proud! Happy hunting!


11 March 2015

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