Simple Tips To Keep Organized In The Office


From keeping track of important documents to knowing where all supplies are, an office space should always be well-kept and organized. Learn simple tips to keep your own office space easy to navigate by utilizing organizational tools, no matter how large or small your space may be.

Use clear containers for smaller items

Clear plastic storage containers allow you to easily store smaller items, like magnets, paper clips, pens, and note pads. Use these containers to house surplus items in the back of your office, so you can easily grab the supplies you need whenever you begin to run out. This way, you don't find yourself grappling for a package of staples when your stapler runs out.

Note: for even more convenient organization, use plastic storage containers in varying clear colors. Associate each color to its own supplies (blue storage for paper and note pads, for example) so you can snatch what you need at a glance.

Keep mail off your desk

Mail gets lost when it's left on your desk to organize later, and you can miss out on important messages and deadlines in keeping your mail on your desk. Prevent losing your mail by hanging it above your desk on the wall instead, either in individual open compartments or by using a divider. Organize your mail however it is convenient to you:

  • by date
  • by person or company
  • by urgency
  • by deadline

As you place your mail in compartments or dividers on your wall, you are less likely to lose important documents that you may otherwise miss if you leave them in a stack on your desk.

Utilize your space

The best way to keep your office organized is to make sure you make the best use of the space you have. Going vertical with your storage can help you have more floor space without having to sacrifice the things you need. Install shelves above your desk so you can store paperwork, training manuals, and other go-to items so you aren't cluttering your desk or floor. Place your desk along a far wall (not parallel to your door) so your space isn't crowded when you are holding meetings. Remove potted plants and other decor that hogs up space and opt for wall hangings and paintings instead, so your office space is both functional and organized.

Having an organized and clean office helps you be more efficient and professional. Use these tips to help you keep your office as organized as possible, no matter what size your space is.


6 January 2015

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